What Kind of Headphone Is Right for Me?

The main and more obvious reason would be listening style. People on-the-go would prefer a certain style of headphones while a DJ may require a different design style. This article briefly describes the different styles and tells what style might be the best fit for each user. For consumers on the verge of purchasing their next headphones, I hope that this article could be helpful to you.

For people on-the-go
People on the go require headphones that provide the best comfort and portability. The portability factor is also reliant on the overall weight of it. The more lightweight the headphones, the more comfortable it may be for an on-the-go listener. Apart from the weight, some on-the-go listeners would prefer wireless or Bluetooth listening devices. Wireless or Bluetooth headphones can be of great convenience as there are no present wires or cables, allowing you to walk or run comfortably.

For the athlete
Athletes also require headphones that are comfortable, portable, and unobtrusive. As there are listeners that prefer wired headphones while exercising or working out, there are those that would rather use wireless, Bluetooth, hand-held headphones. Athletes usually prefer over-ear earbuds or headphones to in-ear ones because their continuous movement and kinetic routine is cause for the in-ear earbuds becoming loose and constantly falling out the ear.

For DJs or Studio professionals
DJs prefer closed-back design style. This design style type is designed for isolation. Some DJs prefer single-sided one cup headphones allowing them to hear both their music system and the club or room at the same time. DJs and studio professionals usually wear headphones for longer periods of time, and so those that contain foam pads are the best fit.

In closing, it is ultimately up to the consumer to decide what headphone brand, type, or design style best fits their liking as well as their budget. I recommend that the average listener purchase a more lightweight and portable headphone which are designed for that purpose, while more hardcore users like DJs or studio professionals may want to purchase the heavier closed-back ones.

I also suggest that users wear the headphones for at least 20 minutes to determine whether or not they are comfortable enough. Having a carrying case or protective case for your headphones is always helpful and can add to its overall lifespan.

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